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Sacred Wedding

Have you ever noticed the web of life – connecting us to everything? This beautiful feminine energy reflects the flow of the cosmos. When we are very honest to ourselves, we have not been very kind to the feminine energy. Most of us are even not aware of this beautiful energy, this is a very subtle energy. It is the energy that seeks a gentle eternity in the evermore.

The effects on our planet from the neglect of the feminine energy have a very strong impact. Our societies have predominantly valued that which is visible expressed through the masculine energy, that loves to be visible and makes its imprint known. The energy of the masculine is urging us to push forward as a deep impulse. This impulse requires results and accomplishments. A desire to go beyond limitations.

The union between the masculine and feminine energies, which together form the sacred marriage result in the birth of the ” child “.  This magical ” child ” is a new consciousness arising within the collective human species that recognizes the gift of life. The sacred wedding occurs in our inner world. It is the inner union of our divine masculine and feminine energies to transcend duality, evolving into a being that is empowered to manifest creatively instantly.

There has always been a hidden pathway that brings forth the sacred wedding. A seed within you contains the memory of your original state of creation. To enter you have to become lovers of life, beauty, music, art, the mystery of all above. In other words you have to become the Lover of Love. When you love with all of your existence, then you love without fear or limits. A sacred Marriage can only be experienced if one carries within the love and openness to the fullness of life in all its expressions. This love falls in love with oneself and oneself´s creation.

Just for a moment, take a deep breath and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Fall in love with yourself beloved and let your true beauty shine. I love you dearly and wish you a wonderful journey on the Path of Mastering Self.

Namaste Daniela ♥♥