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The Beauty Of Being You

There are moments in life, where we feel as a “misfit”.  A misfit is a person who seems to be different.  Being different can be the strength that will cut a path through the main stream. The strength lies within our own talents. All of us have a very special talent. Only a view of us take the courage to stand up for themselves and give voice to their own story.  Following your heart start with facing your inner fears. Fear is one of the main challenges that we face in our life’s. Feeling fear of shame, of not deserving any better or not being good enough creates an imaginary “stop sign” that tells our mind: “Stop here, do not go any further or you are being hurt.”  The truth is, it is an Illusion. A thought that keeps you away from reaching your hearts desire. Step out of feeling sorry for yourself and start to shift your self awareness.

Often we give up our inner power to the circumstances around us. How many times did you blame other for your situation? Wake up! It is not the fault of anybody. You are in charge of your own life. Start to take responsibility for yourself and your life will change for a better. Feeling as a “misfit” can help you to achieve your hearts desires. Tell your own story the way only you would. Trust that being yourself will create new opportunities for more abundance in your life. Do not fear making mistakes. We all make mistakes and it is your choice to see each mistake as a failure or as a chance to improve yourself. A chance to show your true beauty. Each moment we have the ability to reinvent ourselves to create a beautiful life that we truly enjoy. You are so beautiful and only you can tell your own story. That is your true beauty. Take the opportunities for an abundant life that are presented to yourself at any moment. Have the courage to belief in you.

It takes courage to stand up for yourself. We all have that courage within us. Courage comes from feeling worthy. The feeling of worthy requires you to see yourself with fresh eyes of love and self-awareness. Breath, relax and let go of all worries. Stop to punish yourself for not living the life you desire so badly. Know that all you every need is you. You have all that it takes to manifest your hearts desire. Have faith and take a step at a time. Soon you will see a huge change in your life. Connect within yourself and stay in your heart. Follow your heart. Take the courage. Enjoy the bliss of your true potential, of your core power and of being truly you.

Thank you. I love you dearly. You are so beautiful!