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The Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a very powerful tool of spiritual growth. When we start facing our inner most, we surrender ourselves to the cosmic flow as we step into our power. The only way we feel hurt is when we have given away our power. Whereas forgiveness empowers you to surrender any pain, hurt feelings and sadness into the light, where it will be transmuted into pure love. Forgiveness is yours to give, and in giving it you take your power back.

Often getting hurt is fueled by the Illusion of Expectation. Expectations create Limitation. When we expect a certain outcome we put ourselves into a lower energy. But without expectations we allow all possibilities to enter our life. This is wonderful! The Power of Forgiveness releases any expectation that we hold within. It can transform expectations, anger, hurt feelings into peace and it can help you overcome personal conflicts. As we forgive we are giving up the suffering of the past and open our heart to heal. By being willing to forge ahead with far greater potential of inner freedom we invite healing on deep levels into our life. The pain of the past is causing dysfunction in our current life. Healing can only occur when we stop blaming and start forgiving, especially forgiving our own self! You can make a list of everyone you want to forgive. Then you call in his energy and say:” Dear [ Name of the person, place or situation you want to forgive ], I love you, I forgive you on all levels and with my complete self.You are free. I thank you for valuable lesson that I learned, I am willing to heal completely now. I forgive myself.  I set any expectations or pain-free. I am healed. I am free and so it is. ” When you start taking responsibility for the condition in your life, you step into the power of co-creating. Free yourself from any past pain with the power of I FORGIVE YOU.

Understand that your past is all over! Surrender your past pain, release it, forgive whom ever and look for your lessons. Forgiveness is very vital to living healthy. And you are so powerful that you can step into your power at any time, any place to start releasing low, negative energy that is within your tissues. Once you forgive yourself and whomever you want to forgive, you signal the Universe that you are ready to heal. Forgiveness can even heal physical pain in our bodies as pain is often caused by our mental and emotional state of mind. Remember Forgiveness is releasing expectations, pain, bitterness, stress, resentment and way more.

I wish you a blissful life!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥