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The Power Of Tears

Did you know that tears connect us with our deepest emotions? Crying is very healing for our emotional, spiritual and physical body. When you cry you let go of stress. Tears are your body’s natural response to whatever challenging emotion you are aware of in your inner space. Did you know that emotions are designed to move through our body? Yes, they do, but we often suppress our feelings to keep the pain from intensifying or spreading. This resistance can cause an imbalance in our body. We stop the natural path of our feelings through our body and lock them into our body tissue. Stored emotions in our body tissue can manifest as pain.

Crying helps us to release emotions that are locked into our body tissue.  When we cry , we take our time to relax and process our experiences and feelings. It is a wonderful way to heal ourself in unexpected ways. Tears are neither happy nor sad, they are simply manifestations of a biophysical shift. When you feel safe and comfort you start to release tears. It is a very good sign to cry. After a “good cry” you feel better, lighter, free. It helps you to detox your body and to create more space for higher vibrations. Whenever you feel like crying, let your tears flow. You can ask the angels to help you cleanse your energy and release whatever it is that created these tears.Tears express our deepest feelings and are attached to an intense emotional experience that helps us to release and purify our body.

Do you have any story you would love to share with me about your beautiful tears? Please share them below in comments. Thank you so much.


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