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Unblock Your Abundance

Did you know that you are valuable? Yes, you are very valuable! The truth is money is a neutral object that we attach a deep feeling to. Valuing yourself helps to value money that you earn. Money is worth your time and you are worth money. You deserve more than enough money in your life. You matter more than you can imagine. You are created with divine love, divine wisdom, divine intelligence. You are the only on that can fulfill your life purpose.

Did you know that money is energy? Yes, everything is energy. So if money is energy, what kind of energy is money attracted to? Money loves Joy, Respect and Gratitude. Money likes to be free, to have a mission and to circulate. Manifesting money is all about your energy experienced. The more playful and open you are, the more likely is that the vibration you are radiating out into the universe is on a frequency to welcome more money into your life.

What is the key to unblock your abundance? Your consciousness is the key. First you set your intention. Take time to really get clear on the amount you are requesting from the Universe. Have trust and believe that you receive it, because the Universe loves you more than anything. Best time to set new goals and take actions to archive your new goals is NEW MOON. A successful way to archive your goals fast: Break your goals down into little baby steps and be grateful for each little step you take. Have faith and trust that each step you take will lead you to your goals. It will lead you to a masterpiece that you will realize once completed.

Now that you know exactly what you want to manifest, you can start to imprint your subconscious mind with new believes. How? Start with positive affirmations like I am always attracting abundance, I have a joyful abundant life. Repeat daily and surround yourself in the energy of abundance like visiting an expensive store or dressing up in your best outfit. Create the energy of gratitude daily. Practice to be thankful for what you do have right now. This can help you to get into the feeling space to welcome more wealth into your life.

Here are Secrets you can apply to manifest abundance faster: Already feel as if the money has manifested. Be grateful and give thanks for your prosperity. Apply love energy to the flow of money. Rewire yourself, send out love to each bill you get, to each meal you eat, to everybody and anything. The more love you feel the faster you invite the flow of abundance. After all money is energy experienced. Respect the money you have now and take one day at a time and be gentle to yourself.

I wish you a blissful abundant life.


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