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Unique Challenges Of An Empath

Being an Empath can be very challenging. I am an Empath myself and its is such an adventure as we Empaths face unique opportunities in life due to our empathic abilities. Most of the time we have a little understanding of how it all works. Empaths are emotional sponges absorbing both stress and joy of the world. We can feel the pain and pleasure of plants, animals, any living being. We feel everything, often to an extreme. As a result of having little guard up between ourselves and others we often become overwhelmed by excessive stimulations. An overload of information, feelings can cause exhaustion. Being in balance helps to overcome the challenge of feeling overloaded.

But how can you protect yourself? Becoming aware of being an Empath is a major step towards protection, it helps you to understand yourself better. Empaths have an extremely sensitive neurological system, they filter differently, they are super-responders. Another tool to protect you is keeping distant from crowded places and giving yourself enough alone time. Being alone helps us Empaths to replenish from challenging moments. Express your needs and set clear boundaries with others is very helpful to protect yourself. When ever you feel uncomfortable with people or a situation, call upon you Higher Self, or Your Angels, or Your Spirit Guides, or your Guardian Angel or any divine Being of Love you loved to work with. Ask them to support and shield you. You can also create a shield yourself, all you got to do is imagine a light around you that allows only positive energy in and shields off toxic energy. This light can be green, yellow, red, blue, purple, white, golden ect any colour, even multiple colours whatever you feel guided to.

When you feel things first before you even think then you are very likely an Empath. Empaths sense subtle energy and absorb it into our owns bodies. This way we can experience the energies around us in extremely deep ways. Since everything is made out of subtle energy such as emotions, physical sensations, feelings and more. We often have trouble distinguishing someone else discomfort from our own. Some Empaths are more attuned to others people physical symptoms than others. Many pick quickly up emotions of other people. An Empaths Intuition is more evolved and therefore its easier to communicate telepathic or to tune into the spiritual world. Each Empath has a beautiful nuanced sensitivity be it more attuned to elements, animals, nature, people, food ect…

It is a Blessing to be an Empath. Being so sensitive allows you to sense people with a good or bad intent in advanced. We have a huge heart and love to help being in need. Our love and appreciation makes us loyal friends and mates. Empaths often love Water! They can feel and sense deep wisdom and healing effect of Water. Water has a very deep detoxifying effect on our energy and is extremely powerful. Grounding and Visualizing a protective Shield are very profound tools to create a more peaceful life especially when you are an Empath!


I      L O V E      Y O U      B E Y O N D      W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥