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Waking Up To Your Inner Wisdom

There are different ascension waves entering Earth transforming, re-structuring our self. The first wave woke up the ” way showers “. They had to learn how to cleanse and heal the physical and all the different bodies like our emotional or energetic body. Ancient teachings, science, changelings , intuitive knowing and their own experience are guiding them so they can teach the wisdom to the ” Early Followers “. The second wave of awakening transforms even faster. These two waves have gone through a lot of very intensive energetic changes since 2012. All is happening in preparation to assist the first wave of massive awakening – started in 2016. Now we are all preparing from the second big massive awakening that may reach us about 2020, depending on the timeline choices we all make as a collective. Know that the process may reach us later or sooner. The awakening process started and will be complete, only free will can delay or accelerate the process as people may choose love or fear.

What is happening now? Depending on what wave you are on you can have totally different experiences.

The ” Way Showers ” start to experience ultimate relief, where the last fears disappear. They are in a state of bliss or neutrality. The neutrality is something to get used to as human drama can not trigger emotionally any pain or fear. They look from a soul perspective. All drama is perceived as unreal, as a programming of illusions. We all learn to live from our heart. Complete trust and being in the now is necessary to transform into a free spirit. We detach from all material belongings as we connect deeper and deeper with the cosmic heart. Mind and heart are aligned and are playing together to co-create through pure intention! Manifestation comes easy and abundance is flowing on all levels in all areas in life. We all still deal with physical cleansing, healing and restructuring. All of this happens to be able to increase the ability and receptiveness for higher frequencies. Time is dissolving completely and it can be the you do not remember what happened as reality changes for you. Sleep patterns may change, timeline switches happen more often ect… Do not worry, these are the last aspects of self that are being transmuted into pure love!

The ” Early Followers ” are still dealing with their core beliefs and deep pain. They can get caught up in duality and certain beliefs as they are experiencing deep emotional clearing. Many may feel the need to exit and stop as it feels too painful going through such deep emotions. It takes courage to get back onto the path of mastering self. Finally they will push through all the drama. A Glimpse of the higher state of being motivates to surrender and have total faith, total trust!

People who woke up caused by the first big mass awakening start to experience a new awareness. Their emotions are triggered by all the chaos on the planet. A deep knowing of change is coming to the surface. Old belief systems fall apart. A deep longing for a more fulfilling life. Fears come to the surface. These fears can block the realization of new ideas, thoughts and belief patterns. Nevertheless these people start to research information about science, universal energies, new concepts and spirituality. An unexpected push from within is challenging the status quo and longing for the truth. These people experience unexpected emotional breakthroughs. Many values lose their meaning in their life’s. All of a sudden a feeling of being alone, fear and confusion arises within as they go through new challenges, unexplainable emotional breakouts and endless thought spirals. Questions will lead to new concepts and a new understanding of “Who am I ? What is my Purpose?” as they start to open their hearts.

People who still ” sleep walk ” experience their reality from a fear based perspective. These people can only see the drama and often end up in victim mode. Only rare moments of joy and bliss is part of their life as they live from fear, lack and blame. The energetic system is completely closed including the heart center. They are completely unaware of the new high frequency of pure divine love. Depending on the choices they make, they also experience the new frequency as pain, heart attacks, cancer ect… Many of these souls have chosen to experience third dimensional drama of duality in this life time. The fifth dimension is welcoming all souls that are ready for the transmission onto higher frequency. Each of us have a free will choice that can choose fear or love at any given moment. We are in different stages of the process of expansion and growth. Everyone is responsible for their own reality. We experience our creation, be it consciously or unconsciously through the energetic vibration that we are emitting. Only when you ready for a change you will receive and be aware of new ideas and concepts! Everybody has to make this choice for themselves as going through the awakening process can only be done by each self!



Namaste Daniela♥♥