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We Are All In This Together

Everything in the Universe is energy. Thoughts, Ideas, Emotions, Physical pain are all energy frequencies vibrating at different levels. There are moments where you may ask yourself why do I feel so affected when people speak to you? It’s because words are thoughts expressed and theses words vibrate on a certain frequency. Energy communicated with energy. You feel the effects because you are vibrating on a certain level and these energies influence your vibration. When you are around happy people, this joyful energy lifts you as well. You feel lighter and happy. Same happens when you feel happy and you enter a room full of sadness.

How does energy affect us?  Energy interacts with our bodies. Yes, its true we have more than one body as we are multi dimensional beings having a human experience. We have our divine spark within and our spiritual body that connects us to the higher realms, to the oneness, where we experience unconditional love. Our spiritual body is connected to our mental body, where thoughts are created. These thoughts we create as we pick up the frequencies of our spiritual body. Then we have an emotional body creating what we feel. Our thoughts receive more attention and connect to a feeling, which empowers the vibration. And we have a vehicle that translates the input of our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This vehicle is our physical body, where we manifest our reality. I know this is a lot to gasp if this concept is new to you.

We create from within. How can it be that we are affected by situations, people and places from the outside? Let me say that we are energies, and we experience a shift when we allow it to. Meaning that we hold somewhere within us the vibration that got activated or awakened through outer circumstances. Becoming aware of our emotions is the very first step of releasing them. The more we release the lighter, joyful we become. I love you dearly.



Namaste Daniela ♥♥