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Everything is energy, we are all made out of energy. Energy is moving through our body and can create dis-ease. When we start to connect above and below on a daily basis, we improve our health, well-being, gain emotional balance and a clear mind. Connecting start with breathing and feeling grounded to Mother Earth. In this beautiful workshop you will learn about:

  • Breathing & Releasing Techniques
  • Fundamental tools
  • What does it mean to be centered
  • How to create a sacred space within
  • How to connect above and below
  • How to ground and the importance of grounding
  • Mp3 Meditation

Join me for an exciting workshop that will transform your life. This is an online workshop for a session of 1-3 people. During the workshop I will perform a body scan on your energy. When you allow me to connect with your energy, you will receive a healing as well. After the workshop you will receive an email with a PDF about the workshop and a mp3 Meditation. Once you pay for this workshop, I will contact you by email and set up an appointment. If you have more question about the workshop you can also contact me via my contact form. Thank you.