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Your Limits Are Illusions

We all feel like individuals, although we are in spiritual truth expressions of One Being. When we are born we lose our awareness of our true nature, the nature of being One with all there is. Being here on Earth  is a re-discovery, a journey to reveal our inner most truth: “The sense of being a separate individual are thought patterns of our mind.” We define ourselves with “I am” and love to give labels like “I am tall”, “I am smart”, “I am a child”. Theses definitions are ideas of who we might be, there is no “you” behind. The “you” that you think you are is made up of thoughts. But who are you? This is an important question that leads you to different revelations. If we strip away all of the labels and ideas about ourselves, we are left with ” I am “. We are existing right here in the now and we are aware of that fact.

Words and definitions are not important, you know who you are when you experience your core power, your Essence. In oder to find out about your core power, you came here to Earth to experience two basic emotions: fear and love. These 2 emotions are the base for all other emotions, without exceptions. Fear is the energy that makes you suffer, leads to pain, confusion, it is the energy that contracts you. Love is the energy that makes you happy, peaceful and it is the energy that develops you. When you free your mind from all your fears, you gain more love, more of your true self. A very persistent illusion is the fear of importance. When something is important to you, you start to give up your power by either feeling the fear of not getting it or losing it. The importance is an illusion. Face the illusion and you destroy your fear. You will break free of your limiting beliefs. Expanding your comfort zone is a very powerful tool to eliminate your illusions, your fears. Let me remind you, your limits are thoughts that create an illusion based on fear. Nothing can ever happen to you unless you in perfect alignment with your desires, these might be love or fear based. Fear is a signal indicating you will attract an unpleasant outcome. Once you realize the concept of nothing really is important and there is nothing that you really need, you will destroy the illusion of importance and therefore all your fear. You will fill yourself with love and become unstoppable. Success will be yours!

I     L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D      W O R D S